What we've achieved, across 33 countries

Over the years we've built up a wealth of experience working with green infrastructure systems, and we use this to help architects and developers integrate the right solutions as long-term environmental assets.

  • 5,880 projects


  • 35.8m plants


  • 25,604 kg

    Dust trapped per year

Living Wall & Green Roof Soil-Based Eco-Systems

Featured case study

Glasshouse Car Park

With more than 300m² of natural soil-based living wall, we’ve designed this to be an environmental asset with over 60% of the selected species holding significant ecolgical and biodiverse value. In total we've used 24 different plant species, including daffodil bulbs.

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Glasshouse Car Park

Featured case study

Victoria Square

Featuring 4,200m² of green roofs integrated across two levels, this plays an integral role in Woking Council's work to transform the town.

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Victoria Square

Featured case study

88 Wood Street

The aim: To deliver a mesmerising spatial experience using sophisticated details to create an international top-grade building environment.

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88 Wood Street

Featured case study

SEGRO, North Feltham

On one of the largest and most established SEGRO esates, we were contracted by Bowden Moss to design, supply and install a large living wall on the site.

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SEGRO, North Feltham
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A heritage in horticulture and original design with global reach, we improve air quality and wellbeing, make the process of meeting environmental regulation simple, and create long-term environmental assets.


Growing our living systems close to the final location ensures they can fully acclimatise before installation. This means that the plants are more resilient and the system arrives fully established.

Natural soil system

Giving us greater flexibility with plant design, enabling us to provide for biodiversity, improve air quality, create interactive features or work to a specific aesthetic.

Turn-key service

From initial consultation through to design, planting, installation and maintenance, we are here for every step of the way to ensure the greening in your scheme fulfils its purpose.

Living Wall

Harnessing the power of plants to combat air quality, form havens of biodiversity, and restore our connection to nature.

Exterior Living Wall

Outdoor living walls

Hit environmental targets and enhance urban spaces by integrating living walls into new or old structures as long-term environmental assets.

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Indoor living walls

Create spaces that benefit the health, well-being and productivity of the occupants. This is how we can discover and restore our innate connection with nature: ‘biophilia’.

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Green Roof

Design, implementation and maintenance of natural green roof systems, bespoke for every project.

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Green Roof
Green Roof Landscape

Who We Help


Enabling architects to comply with regulations, fulfill the client's purpose and create successful environmental assets for the long-term.

How we help architects
Architects Living Wall & Green Roof


Fully accredited with years of on-site experience with green infrastructure systems, our fixed cost, no hidden extras approach combined with a competent team and a turn-key solution makes us a trusted partner for high-end schemes.

How we help contractors
Contractors Living Wall & Green Roof


Make a difference with a sustainable design statement.  Aid your CSR and support the local environment by incorporating green infrastructure into your development.

How we help proprietors
Proprietors Living Wall & Green Roof